Tuesday, August 21, 2007

end phase 2

reconfigure test sequence... draft...

How The Mac Can Conquer The World

Maybe not. Those who use one, however...

Motion Tween Or Frame By Frame?

Motion Tweening a 2D animation gives it a nice clean and smooth look, but look svery sterile.

Frame by frame animation takes longer and may take a few hundred redraws to correct. If however done correctly like Spirited Away or Ghost In The Shell, can look absolutely stunning.

Low Polygon Workflow

Designing a model tests your skill and your limit when you use fewer polygons than more. Try making a model look good with as few polygons as possible.

Divisions vs. Tables

Old news, but still interesting nonetheless.

It is best to use div tags to layout a site than using tables. Want to know more? Google it.

More to come.

Finding A Niche

What is a niche? How to find a niche? This is something I have been learning and finding out these few days. Why is it important? Put it this way, by having a niche you can put your focus more on one topic. How is it relevant? In life, you do not want to spread out your time unto too many things. it is best to focus onone thing. Same thing goes for writing. Readers go to one place to read about one particular topic. If you stray too much form the topic, people will lose interest.

How does this concern this blog? Let's just say I have bigger things in mind than just putting on incoherent thoughts and soppy poetry. Will report back when there is significant progress.

Friday, June 29, 2007



Monday, February 26, 2007

I am gonna say that...

...this blog sucks, BIG time. No theme, no direction, and it looks pretty ugly. Just wait and see. I am gonna overhaul this whole thing. Just you wait...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Multimedia Work Process pt.1: pre-production

Since I am doing Multimedia in University, I thought it might be of interest to readers to know how we work.

The process for all the different subjects are pretty much the same. It all starts with a project brief. We have to strictly follow the basic guidelines laid out in the brief. Anything else is up to us.

After getting the brief, we have to plan a timeline on when we are to get certain parts of the work done. There are mainly 3 parts to the workflow: pre-production, production, and post-production. I will explain a bit more as I go along.

Once the timeline is done, documentation is then prepared. Relating to the brief, it can be anything from a navigation chart for a website, to written concepts say for a story. In short, the documentation explains what your project is gonna be like and what it is about.

Now to the pre-production part. This is mainly on-paper stuff. Ideas are jotted down. Characters or design or backgrounds are sketched in sketch pads. For a story sort of thing, a script is written. For a design, rough sketches of the composition. All these things are to give you a rough idea of what your project is gonna be like, and is also a guideline for other group members who are involved in a group project.

In the case of an animation/video/movie, a storyboard follows after the script and characters are done. What is a storyboard? It is like a simple cartoon/comic version of your story drawn out. Where the characters stand, what camera angle... all these are drawn in a linear progression unto the storyboard. There are rough-outlined versions and detailed versions, but the main idea is to bring your idea across.

If it is an 2D animation, characters and backgrounds then have to be created and the colour scheme has to be set. The style of the whole project is also then determined at this stage.

And lastly, we have to stock up on coffee. Lots and lots of coffee...

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Apple Mac: Intel Core Duo

Most will have heard of the new Apple Macs with Intel chips in them. I support Apple as much as my conviction and 'resources' allow, being that my loyalty has made me somewhat lighter in the pockets. Check out www.apple.com.

Definitely good stuff, but my inclination is to wait and see. As Apple CEO Steve Jobs always deliver his "And One More Thing...", Apple rumors and inside news sites have speculated the arrival of even better things to come, with a source inside Apple claiming this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is claimed that these products were supposed to be launched during the recent MacWorld Expo (a big event in the Mac world, where news and new products are announced), but developmental setbacks have delayed any final product or prototype.

I would encourage whoever to look into these new Macs, coz any recent Mac is a very good product in itself, IMHO. However, as some people are still trying to load Windows unto the new Intel Macs and possibly the expectance of new stuff, I will wait and see. Refer to www.macrumors.com for news that might be of use to you, I find the site reliable and quite accurate.

Yeah yeah, I love my Mac. And iPod. And virus free operation. And spyware free...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My eyes on: iMac

I spy with my not so little eye: the new iMac G5!

Sleek & slimmer, this all new beauty rocks with power and style to boot! Even though I have not personally tried it (ahem!), I know it is some serious piece of hardware.

Count on Steve and crew to come up with such great products that most of us can only dream have having (and go 'broke' having one).

Nay, I say no more. Go to www.apple.com
Check it out now! Or maybe later. Up to U.

My eyes on: iPod

DooPeeDee DooPeeDee DOO! I just heard of the most amazing gadget so far this year/month/week! It is non other than: By Apple: the iPod! (Nano & Video)

(Better yet, both are available here in the UK! Heheheh!)

Slick and black/white, very drool-worthy : [..
Higher capacity/capability, thinner profile, new color, and coolness oozing all over!

Need I say more? Check it out at www.apple.com (I know, this is old news, but still news anyway)